Line of Duty (2012)

Steve Arnott is a young officer who’s fallen foul of his superiors for refusing to help in the cover-up of an operation that ended in the shooting of an innocent father. He seems ideal to join AC-12, an anti-corruption police unit, just as it starts to investigate Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates, the regional force’s Officer of the Year.test " hello
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  • Status: Returning Series
  • Duration: a few seconds


Martin Compston

DS Steve Arnott

Vicky McClure

DC Kate Fleming

Adrian Dunbar

SI Ted Hastings

Gregory Piper

Ryan Pilkington

Polly Walker

Gill Biggeloe

Stephen Graham

John Corbett



Series 1

Premiered : 2012-06-25

Series 2

Premiered : 2014-02-11

Series 3

Premiered : 2016-03-23

Series 4

Premiered : 2017-03-26

Series 5

Premiered : 2019-03-30

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